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3 reasons why the SM Militants ain’t breaking through the limelight no time soon

The SM Militants have been with Shatta Wale for about three years without a hit song.

One will argue about this but that is the real fact on grounds.

What is actually holding these SM proteges down? Well, I have tried my best to lay down some points which factor to their inability to raise to the limelight despite their association with a huge brand like Shatta Wale.

SM is only loyal to Shatta Wale but not his proteges.

This is a very critical observation. The Shatta Movement gives their all to promote every product that comes from Shatta Wale but not the Militants.

They are most loyal to their boss than any person associated with him. Should the Militant receive the same support from the SM as Shatta Wale, they would have had their records crossing borders and toping various digital music streaming lists.

For the past 3 years, The Militant cannot boast of any international recognition neither have they single-handedly topped a local music chat.

So you see, if they were to be supported by the SM, they would have enjoyed the numbers and make more hit songs.


2. Media Sidelined

The Militant has been sidelined by the Ghanaian media. Hardly will you hear a Ghanaian media playing their songs back to back.

It’s happening that, any artiste who associates himself with Shatta Wale’s brand lives to suffer a part of his life.

Shatta, after Bandana had always descended on the Ghanaian media with harsh words and that, has set a distance between the two parties, hence his proteges are suffering media sabotaging.


3. Dependant

Until the Militants tend to be independent, they will in no time soon break into the limelight.

Since they are not ready to single themselves out from Shatta Wale, they will always have to depend on Wale for media and public sympathy which has not been working from day one.

They have developed a mentality of being equal to Shatta Wale, rich as he is, popular as he is, and for that matter, they don’t mind putting much efforts in their career.


4. What do you also have to add?


For past three years, Shatta Wale took to his Facebook page to announce the signing of three male talents on to his empire whom he called “the militants’ but individually known as, Captan Abdul Kadir , Jafaro Mohammed (Addi Self)  and  Melvin da Joint.


They are the same guys he had featured on his hit track “taking over”. Shatta during his announcement promised to help them achieve their aim and brand them to the world but till now, nothing relevant is seen of them.

Prepared by: Gideon Ofori



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