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Brother Sammy Slaps Cecilia Marfo In Returns

Gospel musician and prophetess, Cecilia Marfo, have incurred the anger of Brother Sammy, a fellow gospel musician she slapped and abused months ago during one of her prophetic trances.

Reacting to a recent similar act undertaken by Cecilia Marfo, Brother Sammy in a video available to GhanaWeb.com made an array of allegations against the prophetess including accusing her of having sexual relations with her subordinate pastors.

He also referred to Cecilia Marfo as a woman possessed by several evil spirits including marine spirits with which she goes after the shine of fellow gospel artists under the guise of being a prophetess.

“She has a marine spirit with which she pretends to be holy spirit possessed. Cecilia Marfo is not a gospel musician but a marine spirit, she has witchcraft powers that possess her sometimes. I have come to realise she is a devil who sings for Satan, she wants to collapse the gospel industry,” Brother Sammy fumed.

In a video widely circulated on social media in the past few days, Cecilia Marfo whilst her fellow gospel colleague, Joyce Blessing, was performing on stage at an event, dashed on the stage and snatched the microphone she was holding from her hand.

The self-professed prophetess in what seemed like a spiritual manifestation barked at Joyce Blessing to go back to her husband whom she left over a year ago.

“My daughter, if you will listen to me, go back and take your marriage. I called you with love and so you should know the life you have is not yours.

“I’ve made you a Queen so listen to me and go back to your husband. I’ve sent you already. Lady, go and take your husband, my spirit is using you,” Cecilia Marfo stated.

Her actions have been condemned by several individuals including her fellow artists who bemoaned what has become her recurrent practice of disgracing her colleagues.


Source: Ghanaweb.com

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