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Empress Gifty Adorye: The gospel Shatta, A testimony of Grace

The Ghanaian music fraternity over the years has experience the pauline ministration of songstress Empress Gifty Osei and her impact at the gospel fraternity needs a commendation.

The gospel songstress in 2009 invaded the music scene with her incomparable and spirit fill  album tagged “Aseda”. The album birthed hit singles such as “Maseda, ye nto nkyia, obi nse wo….” Among others.

Known of her vigorous character, Gifty Osei won the heart of many to her camp and gained the acronym “the gospel Shatta” due to her outspoken personality. 

Mrs Gifty Ardoye Osei will be accounted as one among the few strong feminine ministers who has stood all tests to earn an uncommon reputation among peers as a wife to a popular politician and double as a gospel minister.

Gifty Osei through hard work had won for herself prestigious awards both local and international. In 2018, she added to her deck of trophies the overall best gospel musician at the National Gospel Music Award. 

Empress Gifty Osei cannot be ignored on a  able where great music ministers and performers remains the topic.

Arguably, she has been the most talked about female gospel performer in Ghana over the years and this should tell one how influential and the kind of command she possesses at the Ghanaian music scene and categorically, at the gospel fraternity. 

Empress Gifty Osei is noticed as one who has not allowed her ministry ceased her from addressing issues within the music fraternity and seeks for justice and accountability from persons who occupies offices within the fraternity. She has been such a personality who is much focus and careless about what the society thinks of her.

Gifty Osei indeed has stood the test of time as a gospel musician who has remain an inspiration to many and a motivation to the upcoming.


Indeed, fame they say corrupts one personality but Gifty Osei is among the few who are more conscious of the kind of influence they posses on the mass and will do nothing to dent her character no matter how the society pushes her. 

Standing the test of life as an outspoken personality who on a way would step on the toes of those who might oppose her opinions, Gifty Osei has always been on the right, seeking total scrutiny and a beneficial industry for the generation to come, hence, she does not allow anyone nor circumstances intimidates her. 

In the dark days, Gifty Osei had her faith and personality tested when her first marriage knocks the rock to lie ajar. 


The whole of Ghana descended on her after it came to the public domain of her quitting marriage as a Christian and a gospel singer.

She was judged by the society and mocked by fellow gospel musicians but she kept on fighting for breath even when death knocked her door out of being depressed. 

This was more for a woman to take, as divulged by herself, she backed off from going to church during the days of her marriage crises since the church became no comfort for her. She was an everyday topic and couldn’t take it no more. 

As the scriptures admonishes, “many are the affliction of the righteous but the Lord delivers him from all”, indeed Gifty Osei proved beyond normal to rely on her God and remained in her faith, until the Lord blessed her with a new life. 

The Ghanaian society holistically sees gospel music performers to be people equated to angels and the least fault they finds about them becomes an unforgettable discussion. 

With all, Empress has stood to become an inspiration to this very generation and those yet to come. 

Ghana Music Industry, especially the gospel fraternity over the years has been in a transition where performers are getting used to life band  performances and valuing their stage craft. 

Empress Gifty Osei has remained one among many performers who appears to be original and authentic with her stage craft. Her energetic performances and stage communications skills has always remained one among the best. 

Registering her presence at the music scene at the new year, her latest record “Jesus over do” has set a par at the gospel scene. 

Such a record with a great melodious and captivating content deserves a world wide recognition and whiles the future holds our fate, we are hoping to see Empress Gifty Osei breaking barriers and invading boundaries.

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