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Man Beats His Pregnant Wife Till She Had A Miscarriage, See Why [WATCH]

Marriage is beautiful but it’s more than what meets the eyes. Marriage has its good sides and bad sides, all we should pray for is the sweetest part of it. We are all used to hearing the stories of how marriages from years back suddenly get dissolved after series of clashes.

The problem might be from the wife, husband, mother-in-law, father-in-law and even some relatives.

But mostly the issue is always between the two couples. The same thing happened recently as a man allegedly beat his pregnant wife till she yielded to a threaten abortion. Here are the details.

A man identified as Nwaobasi Magnus Idochukwu is said to have allegedly assaulted his wife Nwaobasi Ezinne at their residence Mcc, Utta Owerri In Imo State. His wife is said to have been in the hospital for some days and till now after her husband assaulted her.

According to reports, the two couples have been married for 4 years which means they got married in 2017 and are blessed with two lovely kids. Meanwhile, Magnus is said to have been assaulting his wife at the slightest opportunity for little things. Which implies that this isn’t his first time of doing it.

According to reports, three days ago Magnus came home as usual and rang the doorbell expecting his wife to show up soon enough to let him in. But unfortunately, Ezinne wasn’t on time to let him in as she was using the toilet.

The moment she opened the door, he so much beat her like she wasn’t his wife. Then he invited his brother and friends over to act as witnesses. He also went ahead to seize his wife’s phone and vice versa.

Ezinne was later rushed to the hospital after she collapsed as the beating became unbearable, it was then revealed by a medical personnel that she had a miscarriage.

Do you think Ezinne should dissolve her marriage? Should she forgive and forget like people do say? If you were in her shoes, will you allow your husband to assault you like that? What should be done to her husband?


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