The Black Stars refer to the players of the Senior national football team from Ghana, a country in West Africa. They are a football group that is selected from various teams both home and abroad based on their proficiency. Some of these footballers play for teams in other countries and are selected for the team based on their track record and experience.
The red, gold, and green with the black star in the middle men presided over by the Ghana Football Association, GFA held a very enviable position when it comes to football globally. This can be attested to their four times qualifications for the FIFA World Cup tournaments; 2006,2010,2014, and 2022. they were the only African team to advance to the second round 2006 FIFA World Cup and were the sixth country in a row from Africa to qualify beyond the group stages, and won the Africa Cup of nation four times; 1963,1965,1978,1982 and since then they have been no wins again. A lot of people have cited many examples of why this is so. Some blame it on the inefficiency of the coaches and their team, the incompetence of the players, and the huge political interference in the appointments of coaches, technical team, and player call-up to the National team (The Black Stars), amongst many others.
A significant number also blame it on the Kwasi Nyantakyi’s exposé which has led to a downfall of the team. Kwasi Nyantakyi, a former president of the GFA, resigned after fraudulent activities were revealed about him in a video by Anas Aremeyaw Anas, an investigative journalist. He received huge amounts of money for match-fixing amongst other accusations. It was alleged that these matches were international friendlies. This exposé ruined his good reputation and huge achievements in football administration. With his downfall came the downfall of the national team. With his tenure as GFA president from 30th December 2005 to 7th June 2018, being revealed as a fraudster on such high levels must hurt to the core and be a big shame to himself, his family, and the country at large.
Ghana is a football-loving country. It breaks the heart of a lot of people to see Ghana fail so abysmally. With the high economic impact on the country and the struggles it comes with, the citizens of the country are unhappy. The coaches for the Black Stars have been changed so many times yet no progress is seen. Could it be that the problem is not coming from the coach and his team? Could the players themselves be their curse?
The ordinary Ghanaian worker pays so much tax, taxes that can hold you by the neck and choke you. These taxes are used to pay these footballers. It breaks our hearts to see these footballers take so much of our taxes and waste it while we sit in our homes, hungry, tired, and frustrated.
A solution must be provided so that we see results. We need results for the money that is being lavished on the Black Stars. These monies are our blood and sweat.