Corruption is one deadly poison that can bring a quick end to any individual and country. It can be compared to a man who is hungry, has been served food, and never gets satisfied. It is addictive even to death. This is one hurdle that has been so difficult to cross out in the country.

Corruption is embezzling funds for your gain. Most people are quick to associate corruption with officials in high places, especially in the government sector. Most people are quick to remove the log from the eyes of others without taking a crucial look at the logs in their eyes.

Unsuspecting people are even corrupt. Right from the trotro (bus) mate to the security man, everyone wants to gain for themselves. It doesn’t only have to be money. It can be anything!  For the trotro mate, a fare that costs five Ghana cedis, in a matter of seconds, is changed to six Ghana cedis. Because he knows the individual is already seated and a lot of people are racing to catch a seat on the bus, he will gladly give you the option to alight for someone else to come on board if you cannot pay.

Security men have to take money just to let you into a building. They give all sorts of excuses. Should you think about these excuses they give, you may have to die an early death.

To get a job of any kind in this country, money has to be paid. Big favours have to be made no matter your qualification. People in this country go to school and expect to gain some employment after school. This is impossible. Old people who are past the retirement age have reduced their ages and are still in service. You can go to an office and see a man who looks so old and tired as though he is past seventy years old. Yet, on his record, he is fifty-two years old. When does he retire to make space for the young people to take over? At his age, how effective is he especially when it comes to a job that demands that one moves around a lot?

The young people in this country are suffering at the hands of these corrupt officials! The young people are in lots of pain! Most young people do anything just so they do not die of starvation. This is because the government and the country as a whole have failed us! People are partaking in lots of scams. People steal from each other as though there is a prize at stake. People commit suicide because life is too hard! People go around giving sex in exchange for food because they are hungry! All of this is resulting in increased crime rates, high teenage pregnancies, prostitution, murder, and so many others.

People have to consciously decide to be free and fair. People need to work for the money they earn and be content with what they work for. People who are due for retirement should retire so the young and qualified can take over! People need to stop taking bribes even for letting you into a building. If this present time is so clouded with endless cases of corruption, what happens ten years from now? What sort of legacy are we leaving for the next generation? What sort of past do we want them to learn from? Is it one filled with bribery, corruption, extortion, and criminal activities?

We can do better as a country. We are not paying huge taxes for them to end up in one person’s pocket. This is not the best we can have. There is so much more to give. There is so much more!