Many would like to ask, ‘’what is Domestic Violence?. When we talk about domestic violence, it does not only entails physically abusing a partner rather, it includes emotional, sexual, economic, psychology abuse, trammel battering and many more.
According to Leslie Morgan, about 70% of domestic violence leads to murder if the relationship ends. This however has increased astronomically over the years. Though women are mostly affected , men also suffer or goes through some of these violence in the hands their partners but children on the other hand are greatly affected.
This article seek to spell out the effects children go through as a result of domestic violence and propose solutions to address this canker.
Children who in one way or the other the produce of violent homes tend to be school dropouts and become timid as well. This is because out of frustration and anger, parents at times transfers their frustrations onto their wards and in the process, shift their fundamental responsibilities like education, feeding, clothing . They also become timid as a result of them not having the opportunity to associate with colleagues which will enable them broaden their knowledge, understanding and also build their confidence level at their formidable age.

Furthermore, children also learn some of these characters from their parents as they constantly witnessed it and presume or think it’s right and they become presumptuous.

Again, children suffer psychologically which further affects their mental wellbeing. This is as a result of consistent brutalities they go through in the hands of their frustrated parents and since they don’t have any other person to register their frustrations to, they succumb to the situation and tend to handle it their own way because they become prey to the people they try to seek help from as they tend to take advantage of them. Moreover, it leads children into incest, rape victims prostitutes, tender parents and other forms of immoral engagements .

All these at the long run, affects personal lives of the affected children, the society in which they find themselves, their future relationships and leads them to making some bad decisions and choices.

The effects of domestic violence on children are large and enduring. Preventing this canker needs all hands on desk Which requires support for both victims and children affected. Various institutions like DOVSU, international organisations, Human rights activists, and other bodies should broaden their awareness, ie educating and counselling the public on the dangers associated with Domestic Violence and putting in place measures to eradicate it there by providing a safe society for everyone.