In all households in any part of the world, every head of the family has great joy in seeing that their families are happy and healthy. Recently, this is not the case due to high levels of poverty in the country.
A lot of households are under a lot of pressure. Individuals in themselves are under a lot of pressure. Most of these individuals who work with the government or private sector have not had an increase in salaries yet inflation is soaring. The prices of goods and services have more than tripled in the past three years.
Many children and teenagers engage in lots of activities to fend for themselves. Teenage pregnancies and prostitution have sky-rocketed as well as crime rates. A lot of people are partaking in activities they never envisioned for themselves. We see so many children on the streets who have also given birth to children. If the future of the country is ultimately with the younger generation then there is a lot of work ahead.
It is painful to see individuals suffer every day doing menial jobs and still not earn the minimum wage. Most of these individuals have dependents. Most of them cannot take good care of both their families and dependents because they simply can’t.
There should be an improvement in the poverty alleviation programs available such that they can reach all people in every part of the country. Many communities have not heard and do not know of such support schemes. They feel that they are cut out and away from the country and are only sought after when it is time for votes. The narrative must change. Each individual is important.
There should be more creation of jobs, particularly by the private sector. Individuals must learn skills for themselves. Education is great. Education with a skill is greater.
Poverty kills the hope of a country. Youths with the strength to help build the country run away to countries with greener pastures because they believe that the system will never work again in their favors. The narrative can change. The narrative can get better