Young Nigerian Man Commits Suicide After Losing N2.5m To Sports Betting

A Facebook user identified as Onoh Chukwuma on Tuesday reportedly took his own life by ingesting an insecticide allegedly for losing N2.5m to betting.

Onoh had on his Facebook wall posted a message saying that it was his last day on earth and that he was going to meet his maker.

Unknown to those reading the post, he had already consumed the insecticide before making the announcement.

In his post, he thanked some individuals, saying, “Today is my last day on earth! I’m going to meet my maker. Thank you Chima Anyaso, Ikukuoma Abia, Kelvin Jombo Onumah, Ekwueme Ohafia, and my friends. My spirit is with you all.”
Upon learning of his distress, friends rushed Onoh to Madonna Hospital, Umuahia.

However, all efforts by doctors to resuscitate him proved futile as he was unable to survive.

It was reported that Onoh had allegedly lost N2.5m to betting and could not bear the shame and pressure from those he borrowed money from.

A friend of his who shared the sad news of his demise, expressed shock and heartbreak, citing the numerous but abortive attempts by the health professionals to save Onoh.

Another Facebook user questioned the deceased’s decision, mentioning that Onoh had N1m and borrowed N1.5m to play a bet that failed, leading to his tragic end due to shame from debtors.

A Facebook user, Ibeako Esther Chisom, wrote, “Onoh Chukwuma Richard, I am heartbroken. I watched the doctors and nurses giving you pressure to see if you can come back but all proved abortive and your pulse dropped as the doctor confirmed you dead right in front of me and other friends..

“Onoh Chukwuma Richard, you really cut down the plans God has for you by taking your life by yourself. Sleep on. I am heartbroken.”

Another user, Obika James Abuchi, wrote, “U had 1m and borrowed 1.5m to play bet, it failed, cuz of the shame from debtors you took your life? Onoh who taught you this? ”

Friends and sympathizers have flocked to his Facebook page, sending messages of their deepest. condolences.

Credit: Facebook | Onoh Chukwuma Richard

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